Local Search Engine Optimization

Does your website show up where potential customers are looking? Or do they find your competition?

Many companies claim to help but at KMG 360 we are constantly training on the ever-changing search engine algorithms to keep ahead of the curve. Our goal is to not only improve your rankings but to ultimately explode your overall business. More traffic equals more sales.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertise your business on Google

No matter what your budget, we can advertise your website on Google and attract only local business or conduct a national campaign. Our advertisers are usually ranked within the top 5 results on Google. We start with a low monthly budget and you only pay when people click your website link from the Google results. We set up, manage & report the campaign statistics directly to you. It’s that simple!

Regional and Local Targeting: Sharpen Your Advertising Focus

With Google, you can target your ads to appear only in specific geographic locations. You can choose country-level targeting or narrow your ads to only show up within a certain radius of your location:

After one of our Local SEO campaigns, you will have more sales, signs ups and new contacts.

Internet Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How does this benefit me?

When you target regional and local areas, you are only paying to show your website to those computer users within a specified area, which makes your clicks most cost-effective

How do we target local or regional business only?

Use regional and city-level targeting if you know which specific cities and regional areas are appropriate for your market. Choose customized targeting if you want to define your own target area. We map out your target area by choosing a main location and a surrounding radius or by picking points (or plotting a path) to define a border.

How does this work?

The AdWords system may analyze a searcher’s query (for example “London florist”) to establish what location that person is searching for. The system may also take note of the person’s Internet Protocol (IP) address to see where he or she is searching from. We can setup a number of “keywords” that pertain to your business and your website link shows up in the Google results. You are not charged for a click unless they actually click on your link and go to your website.

How much does a click cost?

The cost of a click depends on the popularity of the search term and how high we want to be ranked. It can range from .10 to $5.00 per click and varies per keyword, but we can cap it at any amount we feel comfortable paying. (Example: If we want to use the keyword “Dentist”, we can say that we are willing to pay up to $3.00 per click for that keyword, and depending on what the competition is paying, depends on where we are ranked in the Google results. Again, you only pay when they go to your website, and the cost of that click is deducted from your monthly budget.